How to plan your next renovation.

When initially planning a renovation, you may be eager to jump straight into selecting paint colours and tiles for your new home, but taking a few steps back to consider your why, how, when and who is going to really pay off during your renovation process.

Having clear goals in mind and hiring the right people to help you reach these goals will ultimately make your renovation a successful one and save you a lot of money and stress.

Our Guide to Renovating Your Home will assist you with tips and tricks to get the most out of your money and time.

Before you start:

Before you begin your renovation, it is helpful to consider why you are renovating in the first place? Some common reasons people renovate include:

  • To achieve a fresh look or new design.
  • To increase space and/or functionality.
  • To maximise property value.
  • To avoid the cost of moving.

Whatever your reasoning, keeping this at the forefront of your mind throughout your renovation and decision-making process will help you stay on track toward your overall goals. Hiring an interior designer from the start can be a highly beneficial in helping to direct your project and bring your creative vision to life. It may help you to save money down the track as your designer will make educated choices about finishes and will have a team of experts to recommend.

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Image: Bella Vie Interiors Red Hill House


In this phase you are sourcing, speaking to and hiring those who are going to help you throughout your renovation process. Choosing services that are right for you, within your budget and are appropriate to the scope of your renovation are key considerations. It can be difficult to select the right team be sure to ask for recommendations of trustworthy tradespeople and work to co-ordinate their schedules to fit within the timeframe.

Knowing your renovation and design goals will help make selecting your services easier and help you allocate your budget accordingly.

Planning Checklist:

Receiving confirmation

Once you have selected the services needed for your renovation, it’s important to confirm all contracts, contractors and plans before you begin. By this stage, you will have a complete plan and schedule in place to get the ball rolling on your renovation. In this stage, it is important to consider the following.

Your Confirmation Checklist:

  • Confirm council approvals
  • Confirm all contracts and plans with builders and trades
  • Finalise floor, electrical and lighting plans
  • Finalise your budget and timeline – with 25% contingencies for both
  • Have your design style ready for finishing your project and allow enough of your budget to pay for this
Tile design, black cabinetry, contemporary bathroom

Choose your materials

This is the exciting part where your creative vision comes to life.

The fun part of the build where you are choosing your materials, appliances, fixtures, cabinetry finishes, tiles, flooring, and tapware.

Enlisting a designer will assist with the myriad of decisions that need to be made and we will also coordinate with your project manager or builder to ensure your finish is of the highest standard. This means you will never risk having the wrong sized sink or tiles that don’t quite work in your bathroom.

The role of an interior designer is to assist you to create your vision for your home. Our job in this period is to help you find your happy place between function and beauty. We will help you to plan your space to make sure it best suits your lifestyle and needs whilst still achieving your design goals.

TOP TIP: Ensure there is adequate time for your selections to be delivered to the site as it is required.

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Demolition and New Framework

Any structures being removed or upgraded are now being demolished. This usually takes around 2-4 weeks, and it is recommended that you vacate the property during this time. If this is not possible, talk to your builder about your options.

Following this, the new framework, plumbing and electrical items will be laid in.

Construction and Painting

The first part of the renovation to be constructed are generally the walls, with ceiling fixings, plastering, flooring, and cabinetry to follow.

Unfortunately, this stage can be quite lengthy and will depend on how big your project is. Once all the dirty work is complete, the painting can commence and you will begin to see the final stages of the renovation. If you are restoring your current floorboards, leave sanding and polish till the painting process is done to avoid spill damage on your new floors.

Queenslander, timber flooring, lighting, whitewalls

Hiring an interior decorator, or better yet, having an interior designer that does both, can be a great asset and fun experience in these final stages.

Expert Renovation Tips:

  • Your post renovation clean requires more than your regular clean. Opting for a specialised cleaning service may be worth some of your budget allocation if you are not up for the task.
  • Leave a little wiggle room in your budget for unexpected costs.
  • Consider vacating your property for the duration of the build, it will be very messy
  • Begin kitchen and bathroom planning prior to other spaces as the positioning of plumbing and electricals need to be considered.

Need More Information?

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If you are building or renovating, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re hands-on and want some expert help with your project or you want us to handle everything for you from concept to completion, we’ve got options to suit.

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