There is nothing quite like waking up in the morning to your own little slice of luxury. Adding or reconfiguring a master suite can truly provide you with a sanctuary away from family where you can indulge in a bit of self-care and really relax. Ensuites are no longer mere addendums to a bedroom. They too, can and should be a haven for grooming, wellness and joy.

Here’s our top tips to help you to design the luxury master suite of your dream.

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Image Caitlin Hayden – Beach Road Interiors


Think about how much room you need for the time you spend in your rooms and how you would like to use them. Do you need two basins? a bath? drawers or hanging space? different lighting? An experienced interior designer can help you to make the right choices for your space. Knowledge on spatial planning and size requirements, ensures that you make the most of your new master suite without creating any dead zones. A bespoke design with custom cabinetry can be an excellent investment in your home for the future.


Your room should ultimately be designed as a place for rest and recuperation. When thinking about the space consider where the best placement of the bed would be for sleeping and also think about other items of furniture you may require such as bedside tables, seating and storage. You may wish to be able to see out of the window when you wake up or it might be more of a priority for you to have a dark room when you are sleeping.

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Image Brooke Wagner Design


A walk-in robe is an essential to create a space where you can be organised and functional day to day. When designing a space, a robe is often considered as an afterthought and cabinetry doesn’t always make the best use of the space. Think about what kind of clothes you have and how they need to be stored. Do you intend to dress in here? If so, it’s important to include details like mirrors and drawers at waist height to store jewellery and accessories. Think about a how special items might be stored and creating space for shoes.

There’s nothing like walking into an organised robe. Being able to find your clothing and accessories in a particular section or area, will really help you to get organised quickly and is essential for the longevity of your clothing and accessories.

Selecting a high-end finish or elevated cabinetry hardware can really help to make the room feel more luxurious too.

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Image Annie Benjamin Design using New Age Veneers


There are so many options for window treatments in your master suite. In your ensuite you may consider shutters or frosting the glass to allow privacy without compromising on lighting.

In your bedroom, depending on your sleeping pattern, you may opt for black out curtains or blinds or your preferences may lead you towards a finish that lets some light come through to keep your circadian rhythms in check. Choosing a combination of finishes means that you can get the best of both worlds; roller blinds and curtains or shutters and curtains can be great options.

Image Studio Tom - Stylist Natalie James
Image Studio Tom - Stylist Natalie James


Some open shelving for extra touches like soft towels or plants are a great inclusion. Think about choosing hardware in a colour that will create a more luxe look, brushed brass or gunmetal are gorgeous.

Lighting is super important in your ensuite. Try incorporating as much natural light as you can through windows or skylights. Then consider how the vanity area will be lit. Ensure that the light is soft and flattering but doesn’t create shadows for shaving or applying makeup.

Luxury bathroom white bathroom natural light biophilic plant relax feature marble tiles
Image Bella Vie Interiors

Having a cohesive look throughout the spaces will give your master suite the feeling of expansiveness and luxury. Choosing a finish for the cabinetry, paint colour or benchtop that is used throughout the bathroom, robe and bedroom will do this.

Your master suite can be a place of pure luxury. Contact us if you would like any help or advice to create yours.

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