The global pandemic has had a huge effect on the way we use our living spaces and the value we place on our home environment. Our lives have had to adapt to work and living spaces becoming more integrated and we have had a good hard look at how being inside our home makes us feel. These 5 Interior Design Trends will really develop over 2021 as we decompress from a truly extraordinary year. If you’re thinking about renovating this is the year to do it.

5 Interior Design Trends for 2021:

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Layering Textures

The need to feel safe and cosy within our homes will lead to us wanting more natural comforting looks for our homes. One way to achieve this is by layering different textures within your space. Choose a neutral colour palette and select items within the same palette but with different textures. This is best achieved at the planning and design stage when different materials can be chosen to enhance this feeling.


  • Benchtops – stone or even timber can bring warmth into your space as well as a feeling of luxury. Places like Caesarstone or CDK Stone are great places to look.
  • Flooring – layering different types of materials helps to zone spaces and also layering rugs in different textures – sisal or other natural fibres.
  • Wall surfaces – think different textures of tiles, wallpapers and even painted surfaces can create real ambience in a space.
  • Furniture and styling – the final piece of the puzzle. Select sustainable high-quality fabrics – linens, wools, timber to add depth and hyggly-ness!

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Adaptable Spaces

Our homes have become true workhorses in the last twelve months. Not only are they now a space for rest and recuperation but they are also schools, day care centres and home offices. Having the ability to adapt spaces to meet the needs of different sorts of work, as well as being able to supervise kids and be a place for relaxation and general living has meant that our home has quickly had to adapt to this.

When designing you need to think about:

  • Natural light – place workspaces near windows for the most productivity.
  • Sound – adjusting spaces to allow for different users’ challenges within the space.
  • Paint colours – keeping things calm and fostering productivity.
  • Ergonomics – Different heights and working requirements of children and adults.
  • Zoning your spaces – separate spaces to cater for productivity, play, coming together and socialising.
  • Furniture selection – allow your furniture to meet the requirements of different users and can adapt to different layouts when required. Modular pieces can be good for this or desks that can be used as craft tables or meeting spaces.
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Vintage pieces

One exciting interior design trend in 2021 is the resurgence in the second hand and vintage furniture markets. Creating a unique style and also becoming more sustainable are some of the reasons why clients are choosing to incorporate more timeless pieces into new spaces.

Like a clothing piece to a person, they add a layer of character and personality whilst simultaneously giving edge to a space that may look “too designed”. They evoke feelings of comfort and tradition which can bring warmth, and a welcoming feel to your home.

Places to find vintage pieces in South East Queensland include:

An interior designer can help you select the perfect piece for your home and advise on upholstery or restoration services, key to integrating pieces within your home.

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Bold Colour

Dusty pinks, artwork, hallway, hallstand

Using colour can feel risky but is a great way to give your home personality. A colour palette can be developed from a piece of art, rug or furniture item which can lead to a rethink of a whole living space.
When working with clients, the use of bold colours can feel challenging, but is a great way to develop moods within spaces.

  • Start with an image or furniture piece to create a cohesive palette.
  • Choose one or two colours to focus on – Dulux is a great place to start.
  • Use other colours to create small accents within the space.
  • Allow the eye to rest by placing neutral colours within the space to break up the bold selections
Kitchen, green cabinetry, wooden floors, white benches
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Bringing the Outside In

Undoubtedly, the unpredictability of 2021 has led us to wanting to feel like we can take a holiday in our own homes. One way to achieve those feelings of relaxation is by using the trend of bringing the outdoors inside. To achieve this at the design stage you should consider:

  • Window placement – creating views to the sky or greenery really helps the walls to slip away, even just small slithers of light.
  • Continuity of flooring – using the same flooring inside and out gives the illusion of a room being larger and the outside spaces surprisingly opens up too.
  • Using natural textures and fibres indoors – timber, linen and green paint tones are all great.
  • Using furniture that is adaptable to both inside and out can also be a great way of achieving this goal, try Cosh Living or Spence and Lyda
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