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About Bella Vie Interiors

Bella Vie Interiors are award-winning interior designer based in Brisbane, Queensland.
Owned and managed by Lisa Alward, you can find out more about Bella Vie Interiors and Lisa below.

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At Bella Vie Interiors we understand that renovating and redecorating your home or investment property can sometimes be daunting.

We understand that this may be the first time you’ve considered getting your home professionally styled and you’re concerned about making mistakes that could lower the desirability of the home. 

When you work with Bella Vie Interiors there’s no need to worry. We guide each of our clients, step by step, through a seamless process to ultimately create their dream home.

Our Passion - Elevate the Potential of Your Home

Our clients run the gamut of multi-residential and duplex builders to first time home renovators. And from those who already have complete architectural drawn plans but need assistance with their interior spaces, to those who are just starting the process.

But regardless of the purpose or stage of the project, our passion is always clear—to help enhance the lives of those families and individuals who will call the space home. We do that by helping realise the greatest potential of each home and by designing a space that allows those in it to experience their best life.

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Our Projects - The Journey to the perfect home

As interior design consultants we want you to enjoy the interior design journey and process as much as the final outcome. 

We work collaboratively to ensure that you feel comfortable with each step taken and each decision made. We listen to you so we can understand how to make your home functional and comfortable, as well as perfectly aligned with your style.

All of our projects are inspired by the relationships we build with our clients. We’re very much guided by your personality and lifestyle as we translate your ideas into a space, we know you’ll love.

Our Process - Working With Bella Vie Interiors

It’s easy to get started — simply schedule a call. 

A complimentary discovery call gives you the chance to get an understanding of who we are and how we work as interior design consultants, while we get to know you and the scope of your project.

Knowing the next steps will help put your mind at ease and this chat is the perfect way to make sure our service is the right fit for you and your project.

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Lisa Alward - Bella Vie Interiors Owner

Lisa Alward - Founder & Interior Designer

Lisa was destined to be an interior designer. She has worked in the fashion, beauty and real estate industries—all careers focused on the beautiful things in life.

Her path to becoming an interior design consultant formally began in London when her youngest daughter was a baby. The beautiful life change of becoming a mum helped her see that it was also time for a career change. She needed to do something that she’d always had a passion for. And that was creating beauty.

For Lisa, Bella Vie Interiors has always been about creating a ‘beautiful life’. The business name was borne from an idea in her twenties and driven by her desire to create a beautiful life. ‘Bella’ inspired by a love of Italy and ‘Vie’ by a love of France.

Lisa loves a challenge and sets lofty goals. Early on in her career, she was determined to win a design award even though she’d only been in business just a few months. Thanks to a beautiful home and a beautiful client that we worked with and our amazing team, of course, this dream became a reality in 2017.

Lisa is a qualified interior designer with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Interior Design and a Diploma in Commercial Arts (Interior Design & Decoration). She’s also a member of the Design Institute of Australia and KBDI (Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute). Her most important role is, however, as mum to four children and one cheeky cavoodle. She’s also married to a man who’s shown her more of this beautiful world than she ever thought she’d see.

Bella Vie Interiors Awards

We are thrilled to have received the following Industry Awards.

2017 Hia Housing Awards – Winner Renovation – Addition Project Up To $200,000

Custom Built Home $350,001 To $500,000
Green Smart Energy Efficiency Home Of The Year

Bella Vie Interiors Memberships

Bella Vie Interiors is a member of the

How to Get Started?
Schedule A Discovery Call.

A complimentary discovery call gives you the chance to get an understanding of how we work, and who we are, while we get to know you and the scope of your project.

Knowing the next steps will help put your mind at ease and this chat is the perfect way to make sure our service is the right fit for you and your project.

Need Some Interior Design Inspiration?

You’ll find our Bella Vie Interiors’ blog jam-packed with handy tips and tricks along with our latest project reveals. We love sharing our creativity and information to help keep you inspired!

Elegant outdoor pool area with woven chairs and lush plantings, showcasing a tranquil, well-designed relaxation space.

Designing for Well-Being: Elevate Your Life with Bella Vie Interiors

At Bella Vie Interiors, we are champions of “Designing for Well-Being,” an approach that infuses every design choice with the intention of nurturing health and happiness. Our dedication to crafting living spaces that resonate with the ‘Beautiful Life Experience’ is not just about aesthetics—it’s about creating environments that support and enrich your everyday life.

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