Are you looking at renovating and seem to be spending hours on Pinterest trying to work out what your interior design style is? Do you love the Hamptons colour palettes but also love industrial features? And you are not sure how to put it all together?

Well we thought why not break down 3 popular interior styles! We look at how these styles were defined and show you ways in which you can achieve each style in your home

Define what style you love

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The Hamptons style is characterised by its brightness and breeziness. It’s an American version of the French interior design styles Baroque, Rococo and Empire. It’s filled with whites that make it look very sophisticated with a touch of a coastal vibe. Hamptons interiors are effortlessly stylish and relaxing to walk into. They’re spacious and comfortable with casual elegance and tasteful decor. Hampton style interiors infuse a relaxing coastal atmosphere in your home with generous proportions of reclining sofas, and island benches for gathering and entertaining. You’ll love this style if you desire a house filled with natural light and want coastal feel in your home.

What is it influenced by?

This style is inspired by the look and architecture of vacation houses and buildings in high-end seaside communities along the eastern beaches of upstate New York’s neighbouring Long Island.

Colours & Furniture typically associated with the Hamptons Style

If you want to create a “luxurious coastal vibe” in your home, you need to limit your colour palette to white, blue, timber, and neutral tones. At its core though, the Hamptons style is all about white and more white. But you can build on this clean base by adding other decorative elements and touches of colour. Put texture where it counts. Stripes and two-tone florals will work with these natural tones and help expand your creative choices.

In terms of furniture and materials, look for antiques and classic pieces of furniture. Don’t go for things that are “trendy”. Wicker furniture and woven baskets will be your best friend to complete the look. Then, add more “nature” in your design with pot plants. Having a luscious garden in your interiors will be a great choice. Natural light everywhere is also the way to go together with rooms that combine the inside and outside.

How to utilise the Hamptons style in your own home?

If you want to bring this elegant, coastal-vibe style into your home, here are key things to consider:

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