Understanding what’s important in a kitchen, and why, makes it simple for you to get started designing and creating your very own dream space.

It’s exciting to be able to add value and create a more inviting, liveable space in your home. A new kitchen can add significant value to a property when it comes time to sell your home, so it’s important to get the space right. These easy-to-follow steps will help you start designing your new kitchen with ease.

7 Steps to designing a new kitchen…

1. Set your budget

Determining how much you are able to spend on your kitchen will help you to work through your design decisions more quickly. How much does a new kitchen cost? Assuming a new kitchen includes all new appliances, plumbing and electrical installation, tiling and installation, you can expect to pay:

  • $15,000 to $25,000 for a small or budget kitchen or makeover
  • $25,000 to $50,000 for a mid-range kitchen
  • $50,000+ for a luxury or high-end kitchen
These cost estimates are rough guides only and the price of a kitchen renovation is very much dependant on the individual project and your personal preferences.

home beautiful lisa alward dulux super white dolomite gubi hamptons

2. Decide on a kitchen layout

Kitchen layouts are one of the most complex aspects to get right. The layout of your kitchen is very much determined by the space where the kitchen will be located. You need to take into account:

  • where windows and doorways are located,
  • the location of water, waste and electricity, and
  • the materials your walls and floors are made from.
Once have identified all of these aspects of your home it will give you an insight as to whether you can relocate these or not. For example, if your house has a timber floor with services running underneath, it can often be easy to move water and waste. A concrete slab, makes moving these more difficult and expensive.

neutral colour palette blue cabinets duck egg blue fresh kitchen nordic scandinavian kitchen midcentury

Some common kitchen layouts are shown below. When designing a new kitchen, think about the location of items that you use together regularly to ensure that you are utilising the best possible workflow.

common kitchen layouts

3. Consider your appliances

It may have been 5 years or 20 years since you’ve had a new kitchen, either way, a lot has changed. Spend some time shopping and work out exactly what appliances you want for your space. This will impact your budget as well as the spatial planning.

There are some gorgeous features you can get with new appliances and you may wish to consider a larger fridge or steam oven or maybe dishwasher drawers or a wine cabinet.

This will also start to give you some ideas about your style.

midcentury scandi blue grey cabinets white hardware white handles open shelving kitchen bespoke

4. Define your style

Chances are if you are renovating your kitchen, you are either about to start renovating the rest of your home or this is the end point in your renovations and will be pulling everything together.

Either way you need to have a clear picture of your home’s style. Defining your style helps you more efficiently make design decisions and allows the rest of your home to link with the kitchen space, creating a clear comfortable space that feels connected.

Your style could be defined as contemporary, mid-century modern, Hamptons, industrial or something completely different. Use Pinterest and Instagram to help you pull together mood boards of things that you like and your picture will become clearer.

hamptons kitchen white kitchen queensland timber cabinetry gas hob modern farmhouse shutters modern kitchen

5. Choose your benchtop and splashback

These elements of a kitchen often have the biggest impact on looks, functionality and cost. We detail here the different materials that can be used in benchtops to help you find the best solution for you.

Splashbacks can be a really fun aspect of your kitchen. Consider tiles in a pattern or bold colour for impact; coloured glass or a window can be easy to keep clean; and using a mirrored surface is great for an entertainer’s kitchen as it allows the chef to continue to chat with their guests whilst preparing food.

kit kat tiles castella hardware white handles bespoke cabinets caesarstone polytec

6. Choose cabinetry finishes

Your cabinetry will be the dominant feature of your space and the place where your fingers will most regularly touch, so it can be a good place to get a really clear picture about what you like or highlight your style really clearly. There are many options for finishes for cabinets including:

  • Melamine,
  • Two pac / polyurethane paint,
  • Thermolaminated / vinyl wrap
  • Timber, and
  • Timber veneer
Visiting somewhere like the Build and Design Centre, where you can touch and feel as well as take away samples is a good way to develop your ideas and make selections.

Some finishes are more expensive than others and they all have their pros and cons. Take into consideration how much it will cost for different finishes, as this can add an extra cost that you may not have factored in.

home beautiful kitchen queensland homes super white dolomite gubi pendants white kitchen queensland kitchen black cabinetry

7. Plan your lighting and electrical

It is critical to get the lighting design right in a kitchen. Achieving good quality lighting is best done in the initial stages of your design.

Firstly, ensure that there are enough well-placed downlights or led strip lighting to create task lighting in the work zones.

Next, you may like to think about how you are going to use the kitchen besides cooking. If this is an entertainers’ kitchen you may like to add some drama with some beautiful pendants.

If you have an open plan space it is great to create some ambience with some softer lighting under cabinets. This means that you can choose the right option for different times.

glass pendants wooden floorboards monochrome kitchen study nook wine fridge integrated

If you’re keen to engage the services of a kitchen designer, the team at Bella Vie would love to help you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we can talk you through our process and create a beautiful new kitchen for you.

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