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One question on everyone’s lips this year is how can I best connect my space to nature? Creating a magazine worthy indoor space should incorporate links to nature. If a global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we really love the outdoors and thrive when we have plants and greenery indoors.

What is biophilic design?

Biophilic design is the idea that humans have an innate need to connect to nature and that architecture and urban planning should incorporate that to best serve us.

There are many health benefits to bringing nature into the home. Two thirds of Australians live in capital cities, meaning we don’t necessarily have a regular connection to our natural environment. Using plants and nature elements in your home leads to healthier, happier minds and bodies.

So how do you incorporate biophilic design into your home?

We have 5 tips for bringing the outdoors into your home…

1. Maximise natural light

Incorporate as many options as you can for increasing light in your space. Natural light assists with concentration, boosts moods and provides essential vitamin D. If you haven’t got the budget to remove a wall why not consider, painting your walls white. Utilise reflective surfaces such as mirrors to bounce available light around your home. Ensure that you regularly trim outdoor foliage to let as much natural light enter your home as possible.

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2. Incorporate greenery and water

Adding plants and natural elements, such as water to your living spaces will provide a reassuring sense of peace to your space. There are so many ways to do this, with options for modern planters and using open shelving to create vignettes featuring plants. In Queensland we are often outside and the climate allows us to create outdoor spaces that feel like indoor ones. Invest in high quality outdoor furniture or create cabana by your pool to allow for that space to be more natural.

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3. Create airflow

One of the key ways we can link to nature daily is by breathing fresh air and feeling wind against our skin. Allowing air to travel through spaces energises us. You can achieve this by choosing to use louvres, or doors that can be opened wide to let the outdoors in. This is incredibly good at helping to regulate our bodies and minds.

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4. Consider vertical planting

With so many of us having small patches of land to utilise for gardening, why not consider vertical planting? There are specific planting systems that you can use to enhance an outdoor living space. Indoors, you can incorporate plants by choosing open shelving in your main living spaces or by suspending plants from the ceiling in a bathroom or kitchen. There are so many beautiful indoor plants to choose from and they not only look great, but freshen the air in your home, ridding it of pollutants.

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Image RT+Q Architects via Habitus

5. Incorporate natural materials

Timber, bamboo, cork, stone all bring with them a sense that nature is not far away. Adding a combination can create warmth within the space. Adding natural fibres to layer over the hard finishes is also a great way to add depth. Layering with sisal or jute rugs, textured blankets or including baskets.

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