As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, we spend more time indoors and try to create warm, cosy nooks within our homes. One way to do that, is to consider adding heating to your home.

Choosing a fireplace is so much more than gaining a source of heat, it is the ultimate luxury indulgence for ambience and comfort. Since ancient times we naturally gravitate towards fires, so it makes sense that installing a fireplace is a wonderful addition to any home.

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Can I Install a Fireplace in my Home?

You will be pleased to hear that there are many modern options for installing fireplaces that do not require a flue. If you are undertaking a larger renovation or a new build it is certainly something to consider in the planning stages when you are consulting with your interior designer and architect. There has never been an easier time to put a fireplace into an existing space or outdoors.

Gas Fireplaces

If you have a connection to gas within your home then choosing a gas fireplace is definitely the most convenient route to installing a fireplace.

Some structural work will need to take place as a flue will need to be installed, this can be through the ceiling or to an outside wall.

Gas fireplaces are great for homes with carpeted floors or where space is at a premium. They have really improved in recent years producing beautiful, natural looking flames. You have the option of choosing the style of flame bed – stones, ceramic logs or even coloured glass. There are so many different styles of shape and size fireplace to select from. Elegant, modern designs, such as that in our Red Hill Project to more traditional looking hearths.

Image: Bella Vie Interiors – Red Hill Project
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Wood Burning Fireplaces

For many of us nothing can compare to the ambience generated by a wood burning fireplace or slow combustion stove. The flicker and crackle of the flames and the smell of burning timber warms the soul and is truly a beautiful addition to your home.

There are many choices available of fireplaces from freestanding to built in. They can be an incredible architectural feature in your home.

Wood fireplaces can be installed into existing homes, but you may require the services of an architect, building designer or structural engineer to work out if your roof can support the structural addition of a flue and chimney.

When renovating your home to include a fireplace ensure you have considered storage space for timber both inside and out. Timber needs time to be seasoned to burn at it’s most effective and should be stored undercover outside with a small amount of wood indoors.

This storage can add a beautiful feature to the look of your interior space and we can design bespoke joinery to store yours in an aesthetically pleasing way.

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Ethanol Fuelled Fireplaces

Ethanol fuelled fireplaces are an eco-friendly, modern alternative to traditional fireplaces. These fireplaces are able to produce golden, warming flames without creating any pollution. Their stylish designs can be installed into living spaces, or can also have the benefit of being portable fire tables or column fireplaces, that can be stored away in summer.

Bio ethanol is a clean fuel made from the by-product of cane sugar production. The by-product molasses is fermented with water and yeast to produce the fuel, which when burnt creates carbon dioxide, meaning it produces no pollution and is safe to burn indoors or outdoors.

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Outdoor Fireplaces

Queensland is the ultimate location for an outdoor living area and adding a fireplace can turn your outdoor area into a year-round destination. Choose wood fired, gas or ethanol fuelled fireplaces for outdoors and remember to check your local government planning rules before you commit to anything.

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Need More Information?

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We help busy families and individuals achieve their ideal version of luxury living, blending it seamlessly with practicality to suit their lifestyle perfectly.

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