Beautiful spaces don’t magically happen. They require experience, expertise and the ability to see what’s coming up in the future.

Want to know more of the benefits of hiring an interior designer? Let’s dive in!


We receive a lot of what I think of as ‘foundational’ questions about our work. What we do and who we do it for. As well as the costs and process. Because of that, we’ve put together our ‘What to Expect Series’ to answer some of those very common questions. And to help you better understand what working with the Bella Vie team will be like.

For this blog in the series, we’ll look at ‘What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer’.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

We’ve had many clients and potential clients reach out to us with a simple question, ‘What are the benefits of hiring an interior designer?’

They’re asking a great question. DIY home renovation shows (delivered in an hour of easy TV) suggest that interior design is effortless and a little bit magical. They can also make you think that anyone can be an interior designer. It’s just a matter of picking out a few throw rugs or tiles and hanging out with tradies, right?

Well, no. Beautiful spaces don’t magically happen. Professionals create beautiful spaces with expert assessment, detailed planning and careful curation. They require an understanding of the flow and functionality of interior spaces, a focus on lighting, materials and space design. And they require experience, expertise and the ability to see what’s coming up in the future.

Want to know more of the benefits of hiring an interior designer? Let’s dive in!

Top Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

Professional assessment & design solutions


An interior designer is university educated in the interior architecture of a home. They study the design process, theory and technology, including 2D drafting and 3D renders. They know how homes are built and how they function.

An interior designer is responsible for the big picture and the fine detail – from the overall look and feel of a space to exactly where the electrical outlets need to go. Their design will consider how a space is used, who lives in it, who moves through it, when it’s busiest and when it’s quiet.

We work with you in a collaborative process, very much guided by your personality and lifestyle. Our professional expertise, experience and services will help translate your ideas into a space designed for you, that you will love.

saves you money


Part of an interior designer’s role is to create a design plan which incorporates your budget. Apart from knowing how to design the best solution for your space within budget, an experienced interior designer will save you money by helping you avoid any costly interior mistakes and any unnecessary purchases.

You are hiring a design professional with expert knowledge of interior architecture and broad knowledge of the building industry. We create a specific plan, recommend products, know which tradespeople are best for which jobs, and bring our professional expertise to every aspect in creating a beautiful home that suits your lifestyle.

There will be no expensive, mistaken purchases living out their lives forgotten in a cupboard. Every fixture and finish from walls to floors, fabrics to tiles are specified, sourced, supplied and installed on our watch. We help to schedule and organise delivery and installation and coordinate the project calendar.

Makes the process more enjoyable for you


Creating a beautiful, cohesive space from scratch takes a lot of work. There are so many variables. You have a lot of balls in the air and life is happening at the same time. Having an experienced interior designer on your team makes an enormous difference, both to the whole design process and to your peace of mind.

We create a design plan, tailored to your specific space and budget. We advocate for you. And we project manage the whole plan from concept to completion. This includes liaising with building and trade professionals, ordering and delivery of product and managing all the calendar variables that happen along the way.

In the meantime, you save time and energy. You get your weekends back. No more ‘I just need to check this’ trips to the local paint shop. Or, ‘I need to go check out taps on the other side of town’. We work to our agreed design plan and your budget. We are your ‘go to’ person to navigate the whole interior design process for you.

Industry collaboration and contacts

As experienced interior designers, we have a network of trusted building industry and trade professionals that we have built up over time. You can be assured as to the quality of work, fixtures and fittings.

As industry insiders we ‘talk the talk’ and can interpret any part of the build and design process for you. We can help you to understand what comes next, and when we may need to step in and troubleshoot or create a design solution you hadn’t previously considered.

The result is a collaborative design process that involves you and your vision for the space. And it’s achieved by working with the best people in the industry.


A bespoke, cohesive and beautiful space

Perhaps the most deeply appreciated benefit of hiring an interior designer, is that you will end up with a beautiful and cohesive space that has been specifically designed for you and the way you live. Every decision, from the interior architecture to the power-point placement to the soft furnishings, has been made with you and your space in mind. It is unique to you. The joy and peace that this brings is priceless.

Functionality and flow

Your home won’t just be beautiful – it will also function well. People will be able to move through the rooms intuitively. And each space will be function in just the way that you need it to – whether that’s peaceful, quiet retreat spaces, or exciting entertainment areas.

What Else to Expect From the WHAT TO EXPECT Series?

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