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Warm Your House with Lighting – 7 Tips for Using Warm Lighting in Your Home

Winter may be here, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate. Instead, when the days are shorter and the nights are cooler, it’s the perfect time to bring a little warmth into your life and home. And warm lighting is a fantastic way to do just that.

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Warm Your House with Lighting

When the winter days are getting you down, you might think about adding blankets, throws and rugs to bring warmth to your home. But you might not immediately consider the power of changing your lighting.

Using warm lighting in your home is a great way to bring in that lovely feeling of coziness and hygge. Better yet, it can improve your own mood and create a calming effect (which is so well needed at the moment!). If you’re not sure how to use warm lighting, we have some simple tips and tricks to help you keep your home feeling warm, bright and cheerful until spring arrives!

7 Tips For Using Warm Lighting in Your Home


1. Begin by changing to warm white bulbs.

As a first step, you’ll want to switch to warmer white bulbs in the winter. Warm lights will create that cosy, glowing atmosphere and effectively warm up the entire space. Cool white lighting is perfect in the summer, but when it’s cold outside, you’ll want to make sure that you have a warmer light to help you relax, unwind and feel comfortable and snug.


2. Switch it up with dimmer switches.

Adding a dimmer switch in your home is the quickest way to add visual warmth in a room. Once installed, you simply adjust it to dim the lights and enjoy a cosy vibe.

It’s easy to pick up a dimmer at your local Bunnings store though you will need to have an electrician install it. Alternatively, consider using a plug-in dimmer which you don’t need an electrician to install. And it allows you to control any table or floor lamp with an incandescent or halogen bulb. With just a flick of a switch, you can see your space shift from bright and functional white lighting to comfy and mellow warm lighting. Be sure to check that your existing lighting is suitable for dimming before you get started.

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3. Let there be light.

Natural light is a vital part of our psychological and physical wellbeing. It helps us produce Vitamin D, improves our natural sleeping and waking patterns, helps us to focus and motivate in our work and lives and even makes us happier.

While there’s less natural light in winter, you can still certainly take advantage of what’s available. And one great way is by using sheers on windows and hanging mirrors on walls. By using sheer curtains, you can increase the amount of light coming into a room without necessarily compromising your privacy. Sheers also allow you to choose to keep the heavy curtains or shutters open until nightfall. Hang a mirror on a wall opposite to a large window, to maximise the sunlight flooding into a room.

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4. Go for a layered lighting effect.

In the winter you’ll want to increase your overall illumination to make up for the lost daylight. But that doesn’t mean choosing one flat lighting scheme. For example, fluorescent lighting is both unflattering and too “cool”. It won’t give you the warmth you’re craving.

Instead, consider investing in some additional light fixtures to dramatically change the mood of your living room. Add some table and floor lamps. And choose different shades, colours and textures to create the perfect layered lighting effect. You can even add task-specific lamps to create a cosy reading nook. This layered use of lamps allows you to create the right environment for your mood and your needs.

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5. Go glow power by lighting some candles.

Candles add a bit of magic wherever you put them. There’s just this old-school charm that you can only get by candlelight. Plus, they’re so portable and easy to move around so you can get that warm shimmer and intimate ambiance anywhere.

To add a warm light to your home and create an inviting setting, light candles before visitors drop by. The gorgeous fragrance of scented candles helps to make your home smell great, too. You can also make a design feature of your candles by putting them on a wooden tray or by using a candelabra for a table centre piece.


6. Pop some brass fittings in your decor.

Brass has a warm colour and will not only create a homely atmosphere but also modernise it while adding a touch of luxury. As Brisbane interior designers, we love the way this looks in our winter sunshine. 

With its relaxing warm glow, brass fittings are the perfect addition to bring more warmth in the cold (or cool) season. It adds both a gentle glow itself, and reflects your other warm lighting back into the room, giving you a double dose of cosy atmosphere.

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7. Consider colour to light up your space.

Colour is more popular than ever in 2022. But in addition to being a design element, it’s also a great way to bring warmth into a room. Uplifting hues, such as yellows, reds, taupes and creams can be paired with patterns on pillows and art that cleverly enhance the way a room feels. And this includes whether it feels warm even on the coldest winter day.

Pairing colour and patterns with warm lighting is a fantastic way to ensure you get beautiful, incredible warmth to your room.

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Designing Your Lighting

In a renovation or new build, the lighting will be one of last jobs to be completed. No doubt by this stage you’ll be tiring of the endless list of decisions that are required during this process. Our advice is to take the time to consider the impact of lighting in your space.

Incorporating the right light sources into your home will make all the difference to your interior space. This planning needs to happen early on so your builder can allow for any special lighting considerations at the rough in stage.

Remember, the careful considerations undertaken when choosing lighting will accentuate your home’s beautiful features, by highlighting them and making them look as perfect as was your intention.

Resources to Help You Get Started

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