We receive a lot of what I think of as ‘foundational’ questions about our work—what we do and who we do it for, as well as the costs and process. Because of that, we’ve put together our ‘What to Expect Series’ to hopefully answer some of those very common questions. And help you better understand what working with the Bella Vie team will be like. ‘How Much Does an Interior Designer Cost’ is the second in the series.

How Much Does an Interior Designer Cost?

You’re considering whether to hire an interior designer for your next renovation or building project. One of the first questions you might ask yourself is, ‘How much does an interior designer cost?’

Of course it’s an essential part of the process for any current or aspiring homeowner to do their due diligence. You’ll want to estimate the total costs of your project before proceeding. This is the point at which the dollar signs might feel overwhelming. And you might wonder where you could cut costs.

So, is an interior designer worth it? Before we look at the various pricing packages on offer, let’s first consider the intrinsic value of working with Bella Vie Interiors.

Value to the Client


In order to evaluate the true cost of an interior designer, we need to take a holistic approach. You’ll want to consider not only the fee structures, but also the value you will receive in return. Our clients know that paying for a qualified, experienced interior designer is certainly worth the long-term gains.

Consider this: you need a new pair of shoes. There is an assortment of price brackets to choose from. Or even the option of winging it with what you’ve got. If you only consider price and opt for the cheapest price tag, the quality may suffer. And you may find yourself spending more in the long run as you’re forced to buy replacements. But when you consider the highest price tag, you wonder whether the cost will be worth it.

Value is an exceptionally important factor to consider for all your purchases. But it’s particularly important when it comes to a home you hope to live in for many years (or sell for a tidy profit).

Imagine living in a home that is the perfect fit for you and your family—where life flows and the space feels ‘just right’. Or having a visually stunning space that grabs potential buyers by the heartstrings the moment they step inside. It’s hard to put a price on these immeasurable benefits. But we believe we have struck a happy balance.

Pricing Structures

Residential Interior Architecture and Design

Cost: $660 Design Consultation fee then a custom fee based on your requirements. Expect to pay from $10,000 – assuming a renovation incorporating a number of spaces.

Whether you have a set of completed architectural plans or no plans whatsoever, we can come onboard and expertly design your interior spaces, from fixtures to finishes. We’ll ensure the process is smooth sailing and be your guiding light when decision fatigue hits. No need to worry about your spaces looking outdated in a few years’ time or light fittings not matching the floorboards. We take care of it all.


  • Floor plan review
  • Concept design and development
  • Spatial Planning
  • Designing custom elements including joinery and wall panelling
  • Detailed drawings, including plans, elevations, 3D renders
  • Schedules for fixtures and finishes, including selections for floors, walls, tiles, tapware and lighting
  • Liaising with suppliers to gather quotes, lead times and product information
  • Access to a range of trusted professionals, including architects, builders, suppliers, tradespeople and landscape architects
  • Key focus on kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and custom joinery
  • Remote design when face-to-face isn’t possible

Interior Decoration

Cost: From $5,000 for one room
Plus: Furnishing typically starts at $20,000+ per room and includes furniture, soft furnishings, window treatments and floor rugs. Artwork and accessories are generally on top of that as prices vary depending on personal preferences and budget.

The decorative pieces of your home offer a visual impression of who you are. But they also serve to keep your everyday life easy and comfortable. We take your lifestyle, budget, functional needs and personal style into account to select the perfect furniture, furnishing and decorative elements for you. (Plus we manage the delivery schedules. Win!)


  • Selection of furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories
  • Design of window treatments
  • Design and management of bespoke upholstery and cushions
  • Curation of artwork
  • Incorporation of existing pieces if required
  • Full procurement and installation service
  • Warehouse storage to minimise disruption
  • Remote design when face-to-face isn’t possible

Virtual Interior Design Service

If you live outside the Brisbane area, you don’t have to miss out on Bella Vie’s award-winning design skills. We also offer a virtual service that places the same emphasis on collaboration and bespoke results. So how much does an interior designer cost for a virtual service?

Well, essentially the same as any other design project! With our current 3D rendering capabilities, online meetings, incredibly detailed imagery and the ability to procure elements for your home from anywhere around the world, our virtual services are on par with our local Brisbane work.

And of course we want you to love your space. That’s why we’re available via phone, email or online meetings. We’re always here to answer your questions about the design, respond to requests to change any items or just to chat about next steps. You’ll receive excellent customer care and value for money, whether your services are face-to-face or virtual.


In-home Design Consultation

Cost: $660

A Design Consultation is the launching pad for every new project with Bella Vie Interiors. During this two-hour meeting we will discuss the scope of work, budgets, style preferences, and finish with a clear understanding of your project requirements to create a detailed brief. 

Every project starts with a documented Design Consultation, but they’re also an excellent stand-alone resource for those running their own projects. Ask us all the tough design questions you’ve been deliberating over.


  • A two-hour consult at your home (or via Zoom if required) with Lisa to refine the style, scope, timeline and budget of your project
  • Ask as many questions as you need to feel clear and confident in your design project
  • Detailed discussion of your ideas and the outcome you’d like to achieve
  • Follow-up email with fee proposal and scope of work (if you’d like to work with Bella Vie on creating your dream home)

What Else to Expect From the WHAT TO EXPECT Series?

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