A successful project takes planning!

Planning is essential when it comes to renovating a small bathroom. From small bathroom designs and layout, to bathroom colour ideas to make your bathroom look larger, there is an abundance of small bathroom ideas available to help with planning your next bathroom renovation. Working out exactly what you need to know is quite often the challenge.

Fortunately, there are some simple renovation tips for small bathrooms that really help create the illusion of space.

In this article I’m going to share with you the tips that make up my ultimate guide for small bathrooms.

My 24 Top Bathroom Renovation Tips!

1. Simplicity

Focus on creating a bathroom with simple, clean lines. It’s amazing how much bigger a small bathroom appears when there are fewer visual lines distracting us.

2. Floating Vanity

A floating vanity gives the illusion of more space and allows floor tiles to extend right to the wall making the floor appear larger. If your vanity floor waste can’t be moved a shallow plinth can be designed to hide pipes and still give your vanity a floating appearance.

3. Pedestal Basin

A pedestal basin is ideal when floor space is really tight and perfect for traditional style small bathrooms in keeping with original period features in a home.

4. Floor Mounted Washstand

A floor mounted washstand is a contemporary take on the more traditional pedestal basin, the small footprint of these basins makes them ideal for a small bathroom. A great combination with wall-mounted tap ware if you are looking for modern bathroom ideas.

Design by Architect Prineas
Design by Architect Prineas

5. Wall-hung Toilet

A wall-hung toilet with an in-wall cistern takes up considerably less space than a traditional toilet suite. Not only do they look great, but they are easier to clean and take up less space which is invaluable in a small bathroom.

6. In-wall toilet cistern

If you can’t stretch your budget to a wall hung toilet, consider a compact back wall-faced suite with in-wall cistern. Remember a rounded shape will allow for better movement around the pan and take up less space than a squarer toilet suite.

7. Maximise storage

Include as much storage as needed to hide toiletries away and improve functionality. Choose bathroom cabinets that are wall hung or semi recessed into the wall if possible.

8. Drawers

Drawers in a vanity make reaching bathroom essentials so much easier and reduce bending, which can be a huge bonus in a small bathroom where space is restricted. This is one feature that can afford to be big. Swap small drawers for large soft-close drawers for maximum benefit.

8. Recessed mirrored shaving cabinet

A mirrored shaving cabinet provides face height storage and creates the illusion of space through its reflection. Discuss adding a power point inside your cabinet to charge toothbrushes and shavers while they are stored.

10. Tall recessed cabinet

A tall recessed cabinet is great for additional storage. Continue the floating theme to maximise floor space. Great for storing cleaning products, toilet rolls and extra hair and beauty products.

the revival of an elsternwick residence has allowed mim design to create a stunning internal transformation of a historic edwardian home
Designed by Mim Design

11. Recessed shower niche

A recessed shower niche is invaluable in a small bathroom where shower size can be tight. Toiletries are neatly tucked away making a small shower look and feel roomier.

12. Frameless glass shower screen

Do away with framed shower screens and install frameless glass. Frameless glass provides an unobstructed view and makes a small bathroom look less cluttered.

13. Black framed shower screen

This design feature creates an impact even in a small space. Pair it with matching coloured tapware and bathroom accessories for full effect.

14. Shower door

Do away with the shower door and create a walk-in shower. A single glazed shower screen can eliminate the need for a door in some bathrooms. It's important to consider access into the shower and any splash that may occur. Sometimes a door is essential due to the layout of your small bathroom.

Combining a shower and bath side by side can create a 'wet area' that can be screened by a single glass shower screen.

those architects
Design by Those Architects

15. Mirror

A large mirror can double the size of your space. Go wall to wall and up to the ceiling for maximum impact.

16. Light

Nothing beats natural light but if your bathroom doesn’t have a window be sure to include adequate lighting. Recessed led ceiling lights and led strip lighting can brighten a space and enhance features to make your small bathroom look larger.

17. Cavity slider door

A cavity slider door takes up less space when open. Changing a hinged bathroom door to a cavity sliding door can dramatically improve access to your small bathroom by freeing up valuable floor space. Space in small bathrooms can be compromised by the swing of a traditional hinged door. It’s not uncommon for the entry door and shower door to be fighting for the same space in a small bathroom.

18. Minimise Clutter

Clutter can make your bathroom feel small and cramped, as well as looking untidy. Hide toiletries out of site by installing adequate storage.

Design by Bella Vie Interiors
Design by Bella Vie Interiors

19. White walls

White walls is one of the easiest ways to make a room appear larger is by using lots of white. White is a colour that naturally recedes and is known to reflect light so focus on white walls, white vanity, white tiles and so on for a bright airy small bathroom.

20. Tone on Tone

Not a fan of white? Try other bathroom colour ideas inspired by the light neutral colour palette of pale grey, soft blue, sage green or natural for an inviting small bathroom. Layer patterns with plain surfaces for added interest.

21. Colour

Play with coloured tap ware and tile selections to create the illusion of space.

22. Emphasize the longest wall

By emphasizing the longest wall you create a focal point of the longest wall in your small bathroom to draw the eye to the widest part of the room.

23. Visually push the walls apart

Work against the length in a narrow small bathroom by installing elements that appear to widen the room. A freestanding bath across the end of a room is one of my favourite small bathroom ideas.

24. Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles create an open, seamless look. Depending on your space tiles can be laid horizontally or vertically. Consider large profile rectified tiles for clean lines and less grout lines to clean. Tile all the way to the ceiling to enhance the space in your small bathroom.

griffith bathroom 1 bella vie interiors 3 unsmushed 1
Design by Bella Vie Interiors

Closing Tips

Take the time to really think through how you want your small bathroom to function. As a result, you can implement the most valuable tips for small rooms to suit your home.

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