A well-designed laundry is a big plus in my books – we certainly spend enough time in there! It needs to be practical and functional to meet the demands of family living and beautiful enough to entice us in there.

Here’s my main considerations when it comes to creating a laundry that is both functional and beautiful.

Image via Decus Design
Image via Decus Design

How do I get more space in my laundry room?

​​I like a large laundry. For some reason it creates a sense of order in my life. Perhaps it’s because everything has a place and it’s organised. I’ve lived in houses with small European laundries and large family laundries and both have benefits.

​No matter what the size, you can make the space you have work for you. It’s all in the design!

Here's my Top 3 Tips for getting More Space in your Laundry

There are so many reasons for you to be thinking about renovating your home.

1. Location

​The ideal location for your laundry is in a services area of your home, away from living zones, or located off your kitchen or garage, with direct access to an outdoor clothesline for convenience.

If you are building a new home, positioning it beside or attached to the kitchen and butler’s pantry, will double your workspace and create a central hub for the running of the home.

If you are renovating, look at adjoining rooms to see if you can steal some space to create a larger laundry or combine a butler’s pantry with your laundry.

Remember to make your laundry as large as possible when you are planning. While European style laundries are great for couples or apartment living, a large laundry is a big plus with a family.

Image via Canny
Image via Canny

2. Appliances

​Create your appliance wish list first. The appliances you select will impact your design and how you design this space will affect the way you use your laundry.

A front-loading washing machine and dryer are the most flexible options as they can be fitted beneath a bench top or stacked one on top of the other. Either option is a great space-saving solution that will depend on your available space and layout.

A top loading washing machine can limit your design options but they are a great choice for people with large families.

Alternatively, you may prefer a washer/dryer in one if space is limited or exclude a dryer and install a drying cupboard or pull-out drying rack for a more sustainable option.

Once you have selected your appliances, a laundry design can be created to suit the specific specifications of your appliances for a seamless look.

Image via Studio Griffiths
Image via Studio Griffiths

3. Layout

Just like a kitchen, you have a variety of choices when it comes to the layout of your laundry, the most common being single wall, U-shaped, L-shaped or galley. Consider how you will use the space and what functions it needs to cater for. Do you need it to double as a mud room? Is this a place you will do your ironing? What items do you need to store in your laundry?

When planning your laundry layout, ideally your washing machine, sink and laundry hampers should be positioned next to each other to allow for ease of use. Integrating laundry hampers avoids messy laundry baskets on the bench or floor. Consider one for light and one for dark items of clothing.

A dryer mounted above or positioned alongside your washing machine makes transferring clothes easier. For smaller laundries or to minimise bending, integrate and stack a washer and dryer.

Build custom cabinetry to suit your needs and fit around your appliances. You may choose to conceal your appliance behind doors. Check your appliance dimensions to ensure you have adequate space.

Installing a rail to dry clothes on hangers or to hang ironing is becoming increasingly popular. Ensure it is fitted with enough space below for your clothes to hang freely.

If your budget allows, including a fold-out ironing board makes for luxe laundering.

Finally, while we’re talking layout, if space permits consider integrating a mud room into your laundry space.

Image via DecorPad
Image via DecorPad

What is a mud room in a house?

​A mud room is a small room or entryway where footwear and outer clothes can be removed before entering a house. Typically found in American houses, this trend is becoming more popular in Australia as we streamline our living spaces.

If you’re squeezed for space, the laundry is a great place to create the mudroom look in a space that often transitions to the exterior of your home.

This could include a bench seat with drawers underneath for school bags, sporting gear and shoes and hooks on the wall for coats, jackets and umbrellas.

A mud room is the perfect place to personalise your storage space and get organised.

Cabinetry with doors is a great way to hide all of the products and mess in a laundry and keep it looking clean and tidy.

Image via Sally Caroline
Image via Sally Caroline

How deep are laundry cabinets?

​While there are options available for flat pack cabinets for your laundry, the best option is custom cabinetry. It gives you more flexibility in colours, size and finishes allowing you to truly customise your laundry to match the rest of your home.

Standard bench depths are 600mm which means your appliances can protrude beyond the cabinets. Ideally for larger appliances and sinks allow a minimum of 650mm for a seamless look.

Deeper benchtops create more bench space with is invaluable when it comes to sorting and folding washing. Drawers under your benchtops provide easily accessible household storage, while overhead cabinetry is great for keeping cleaning products out of reach of little ones.

While we’re talking storage, the laundry is one room where you can never have too much! Full height cupboards for brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners and buckets, linen cupboards for bedding and towels and overhead cupboards to hide away all of the cleaning products, medicines, shoe cleaning items, light globes and vases should all be included.

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

A few final tips to give your laundry the designer look;

1. Lighting

Bright is better in your Laundry. Include LED strip lighting under your overhead cabinets for additional task lighting.

2. Taps

Hide the washing machine taps in the cupboards below. Your cabinetmaker can drill a hole between cabinets for your cables and hoses.

3. Ventilation

To keep your laundry looking like new, ensure you install and use an exhaust fan if you are using a dryer in your laundry.

4. Pullout mixer tap

A mixer with a pullout spray is a great addition to your laundry making cleaning a breeze.

5. Undermount sink

While not as cost effective as a drop in sink, an undermount sink gives a sleek line to your laundry.​​

alderley laundry close up orig unsmushed 1
Design by Bella Vie Interiors

What is the best colour for a laundry room?

Beautiful finishes are a must for giving your laundry the designer look.

While white laundries always look crisp and clean, for continuity throughout your home, keep the design and colour of your laundry consistent with your kitchen and bathrooms.

If you are trying to save cost, you can pare back your finishes while still keeping the same colour scheme. Consider a laminate benchtop over engineered stone and a tiled splashback instead of glass.

As you transition through your home, consistency in materials used in your kitchen, laundry and bathrooms, can also add significant value to your home.

Laundry Design by Bella Vie Interiors unsmushed 1
Design by Bella Vie Interiors

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