Most people are unaware of how much light can impact an interior. Whether it is natural or artificial, lighting can make or break a space and is often an area overlooked during a renovation or new build.

If you’ve gone to the effort, spent the money, and invested your time renovating or building, you want your newly created interior to look its best.

Effective use of lighting can make your space appear more desirable. You want your lighting to draw you into a space and keep you there. If the lighting is perfect, you’ll never want to leave!

Here are our top tips to consider when applying lighting to any interior space.

What is the best lighting for my home
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5 Top Lighting Tips for your Home

1. Consider what activities will be carried out in the room

This will help determine what type of lighting should be used.

If it is a walk-through space, then general lighting from an overhead source is appropriate.

If it is an area where studious activities take place then consider dedicating task lighting to that area.

2. How to choose the best lighting for your home
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2. Consider what sort of mood is trying to be achieved

Is this space somewhere to relax and unwind or is it a workspace?

The choice of light levels and intensity of light needs adjusting to suit the type of environment you are creating.

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3. Consider using multiple sources of light in the one space

To create a multipurpose space you can apply several sources of light, such as LED down lights (general lighting), wall lights (ambient lighting) or LED strip (task lighting).

The result is a room that can be used for different purposes depending on which type of lighting is in use at any given time.

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4. Where possible opt for environmentally friendly lighting technology

With the fast rate at which LED technology is moving, and with such successful lighting techniques, there really isn’t an excuse not to apply sustainability into your space through lighting.

Whether it’s LED down lights, LED strip or simply replacing your existing lamps with LED options. You will not only reduce your energy bills in the long term but will also reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

Environmentally friendly lighting
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5. Consider colour temperature (Kelvin)

This is especially important when it comes to the finishes and colours that you have selected for your interior.

Whilst a warm white (3000K) will make your space feel comfortable, it can make your space appear yellow.

Likewise, if you use a cool white (4000K) you may be able to see better in the space, but the space can feel colder. It can be a good idea to test different colour temperatures to see which makes your space look its best.

5. Make your lighting a feature!

This can be achieved by hiding the light source, creating beautiful lighting techniques and making the spread of light a decorative element that is also functional.

When choosing pendants, wall sconces or lamps select something that has a wow factor and that is beautiful in its own right.

Lighting in your home
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Designer Advice

In a renovation or new build the lighting will be one of last jobs to be completed and no doubt you’ll be tiring of the endless list of decisions that are required during this process. Our advice is to take the time to consider the impact of lighting in your space. Incorporating the right light sources into your home will make all the difference to your interior space.

Remember, the careful considerations undertaken when choosing lighting will accentuate your home’s beautiful features, by highlighting them and making them look as perfect as was your intention.

Getting Ready for a New Design or Renovation Project?

A new home design or renovation is not something you do on a whim, it requires planning.

Whether you are renovating a bedroom or a whole house there’s a few essential steps that will help as you embark on this exciting and ​sometimes daunting journey.

My 6 Top Tips for Planning Your Home Renovation

  1. ​Do your Homework & Define your Scope
  2. Know your Budget
  3. Know your Limitations
  4. Hire Experts
  5. Have a Plan Open & Honest Communication

Resources to Help You Get Started

Need More Information?

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We help busy families and individuals achieve their ideal version of luxury living, blending it seamlessly with practicality to suit their lifestyle perfectly.

If you are building or renovating, we’d love to hear from you to discuss creating a beautiful interior that fits your dream of luxury living.

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Check out our
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