Interior Designers are influencing bathroom design and transforming bathrooms into retreats that offer relaxation, luxury and style in both new homes and renovations.

With people now spending more time in bathrooms and a list of ‘must haves’ including glamorous freestanding baths, large vanities, creative lighting and luxurious double showers, getting your bathroom design right is now more important than ever.

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Bathrooms are now among the top priorities when building a new house or renovating an existing home, with many homes now having multiple bathrooms and ensuites.

In this blog post you’re going to learn why designing and selecting fixtures and finishes for this small area is crucial when it comes to planning your bathroom renovation to ensure it meets your needs both functionally and aesthetically.

We’ll also share insider tips on how an interior designer can simplify the process of creating your new bathroom.

How to design a bathroom

There are few elements that you should consider prior to commencing any work on your new bathroom including style, function and most importantly practicality.

Take inspiration from interiors or home magazines or check out Pinterest Bathroom Design Ideas to identify your preferred style and some of the inclusions that you’d like included in your new bathroom.

​Planning and renovating a new bathroom requires skill and knowledge, demanding a rigorous thinking process for what is typically a small space. An extensive Design Consultation will establish your essential inclusions and an interior designer can translate this into a concept for your new bathroom to meet your needs and design style.

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3 Top Tips for Planning your perfect bathroom

1. Time and Budget

Your budget is probably the most important factor when planning your new bathroom.

With so many different trades required when completing a bathroom renovation it’s easy for the project cost to creep up.

An experienced designer will know what you will be able to include and the things you may need to re-evaluate. They can guide you with layout and selection of fixtures and fittings to keep the cost of your new bathroom within budget.

Knowing when you need to have your project completed can determine some of your selections. It could be that the imported designer tiles you love have a lead-time of 8-12 weeks or you’d like to time the project to coincide with a trip away to minimise the disruption to your household.

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2. Family and Lifestyle

When planning your bathroom renovation or new bathroom it's important to consider inclusions to meet the needs of your family and lifestyle and future considerations. The hotel style bathroom you have your heart set on may need some modifications to be practical for you and your lifestyle.

Consideration should be given for the number and ages of people using the bathroom, activities that will take place in the bathroom and any special features that need to be included.

Inclusions in modern bathrooms can include such things as heated floors and towel ladders, frameless or semi frameless glass, shower niches, laundry baskets all designed to enhance your lifestyle.

3. Design and Style

Planning your bathroom layout can be easier and more cost effective if you are simply updating the fixtures and finishes to suit existing plumbing or electrical.

You may want to undertake structural changes to improve your design? Either way, knowing what you like/dislike about your current bathroom will assist with the new design. ​

Once the layout is established, selecting the fixtures, finishes and lighting to create your dream bathroom is all that is left. Think about the items you need to store in your new bathroom and whether you prefer drawers, open shelving or cupboards. Custom joinery can enhance both the look and functionality of your bathroom.

Another important aspect of a bathroom is the lighting and getting the right mix of ambient and task lighting will enhance your everyday experience in your new bathroom.

While some people know they style of bathroom they desire and this is the fun part, others are happy to be guided by a professional to achieve their dream bathroom.

Take the time to work through these steps prior to undertaking your bathroom renovation. Get in touch with me for Bathroom Renovations Brisbane or to discuss an interstate bathroom renovation.

Design by Chamberlain Architects
Design by Chamberlain Architects

Designer Advice

Creating a bathroom that has that ‘wow’ factor and will meet your expectations is challenging; take the time and seek advice.

If full service interior design is out of your budget and you feel confident with making the selections of fixtures and fittings, engaging an Interior Designer to create a cohesive design concept allows you to shop around and secure ‘like for like’ trade quotes with your own set of drawings.

Need More Information?

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We help busy families and individuals achieve their ideal version of luxury living, blending it seamlessly with practicality to suit their lifestyle perfectly.

If you are building or renovating, we’d love to hear from you to discuss creating a beautiful interior that fits your dream of luxury living.

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