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Working with Interior Designers in Brisbane and Beyond


Below we’ve answered some of our most frequently asked questions about working with interior designers Brisbane, whether locally, virtually or beyond.

If you have any other questions, just reach out to our team directly. We’re always happy to chat!

This is a great question because they will all eventually arrive at the same outcome. The short answer is your interior designer first as we can guide you through the best process for your desired outcome.

As interior designers Brisbane we have relationships with local architects and builders and can help you select the right person to suit your project. But because we work virtually across Australia, we also have fantastic connections in all major locations and the most beautiful rural areas. Of course, some clients’ come to us with have approved plans and/or a builder engaged, which is fine as well. We can flexibly work with whomever you choose.

It is best to engage your designer before you start the building work on your project. This means you can secure a quote that is as accurate as possible before you commence. Designing on the go can result in variations and increases in costs.

We are Brisbane interior designers, however, we work with clients all across Australia. Our process, whether in person or virtual, is a highly organised plan of actions so you always know where your project is in the process. The design consultation is always done face-to-face or live via Zoom and online software allows us to seamlessly deliver presentations and communication to your inbox for out-of-town projects.

Our clients are always happy with the results! And we’re often engaged to collaborate on second or third projects with clients as they relocate, upgrade their homes or purchase second or holiday homes.

You should plan on committing to an average of about three to six meetings, depending on the scope of work. These will be scheduled with you to help make choices along the way and can be either online or in person. We also follow up with status updates and progress reports on a weekly basis.

The duration of each project varies based on the individual scope of work. Design-only projects can take a matter of weeks, whereas a big project can take up to 12 months or more. On average projects take approximately four to six months.

We don’t have a set signature style but rather work to create an interior that is unique for each client. We take into consideration your taste, lifestyle and vision for the way want to live. We strive to extract the elements of your ideal aesthetic and stretch your vision beyond the limits of your imagination to design a home you’ll love.

Working with Bella Vie Interiors is about creating your beautiful life, not ours or anyone else’s. We want you to love your home and love living in it. A huge part of that is having pieces around you that you love and that have meaning to you. They personalise the space and make it home for you.

So yes, we can always incorporate those unique pieces—such as artwork and family heirlooms—that are important to you. We’ll simply take measurements and photos and factor these items into our new design plan. Then we’ll incorporate new pieces to really make your home shine.

Our goal is always, and simply, to make your life easier and your home more beautiful. Our customer service approach is to ensure that the process of creating your dream home, or finishing a project to the highest, most professional degree, is seamless and produces the best outcomes, every time.

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