Hamptons styling has fast become one of the most beautiful ways to style your home. The clean lines and coastal aesthetic lend themselves perfectly to Queensland homes. It is a look that many of clients are drawn to. See how to achieve this look with our guide to Hamptons style.

What defines the Hamptons Style?

Based on the style of homes in the wealthy holiday region of The Hamptons in NY state, USA, the Hamptons design style blends traditional and modern elements to create a clean, luxurious style of space.

The Hamptons has for many decades been a popular holiday destination for wealthy New Yorkers. As older style coastal homes have been modernised to cater for the discerning tastes of upmarket New Yorkers a style has emerged that incorporates both the traditional elements of coastal American homes and the more modern luxury elements that create a relaxed holiday feeling.

Hamptons white house home american home queenslander white modern timber clad
Image: Homes to Love

Hamptons Colour Palette

When I think of the Hamptons aesthetic, I think of incorporating white and fresh coastal looks, but it is the contrasting colour that really defines this interior design style. White will always be the key colour. Think a bright white with clean undertones, co-ordinating with beige and linen, soft blues, olive, soft greys and navy.

Some colour palettes to try are below:

Bella Vie Kitchen Hamptons Kitchen Queensland kitchen black cabinets white pendants stone marble calacatta
Image: Bella Vie Interiors
Hamptons living space coastal texture timber soft neutral cotton white curtains
Image: James Middleton Projects
Olive Colour Palette

How do I achieve a Hamptons look in my kitchen?

One of the characteristics of a Hamptons Style is luxury and being able to relax and entertain. A Hamptons style kitchen should feel sturdy and luxurious. Think stone bench tops and luxury tapware.

hamptons kitchen black cabinets shaker gold hardware industrial stools pendants stone benchtop
Image: Studio Mcgee

The 7 key features of a Hamptons style kitchen are:

  1. Shaker style cabinetry
  2. Large island benches – that feel like furniture
  3. A space where you want to entertain
  4. Use of pendant lighting over the benchtops
  5. Considered neutral colour palette that feels clean and fresh with nods to the coast using colours such as olive, taupe and navy.
  6. Cabinetry hardware should be sturdy and more traditional looking
  7. Use of natural materials including stone bench tops and timber flooring

You can see these features interpreted in many different ways. The overall aesthetic should feel warm and welcoming, as well as clean and luxurious.

Creating a Hamptons Exterior

If you’re fortunate enough to be building a new home you can make many design choices for the exterior of your home that will draw on the Hamptons style.

Choosing materials that lean into this aesthetic are super important. The hallmarks of a Hamptons home are the use of timber cladding, beautiful traditional windows and a gabled roofline. Rooves may be tiled or use Colorbond. Use of natural materials for outdoor flooring will also draw on the aesthetic think sandstone and timber decking. Choice of windows is also very important. Windows that fit a more traditional style will really inject character both externally and internally, think sash windows, French doors and sometimes round windows to draw on the nautical aesthetic. Using shutters or dormers also adds an architectural detail that helps the home to feel more traditional.

Use of a grey, blue colour palette with white trim really gives a nautical edge. If you’re updating your home you can also use the details from the Hamptons Style to alter your home’s exterior too. Changing outdoor light fittings, fencing or the colour palette of your exterior will all assist with this.

Hamptons exterior modern queenslander grey and white brisbane home queensland home hamptons style
Image: Bella Vie Interiors

Decorating Your Home with a Hamptons Style

Achieving a Hamptons style throughout your home means really thinking about the little details that create the look.

Choosing a skirting board and architraves that match this style is super important in creating authenticity.  Adding panelling to internal walls and traditional wall lighting can add to this aesthetic. Window treatments are really important to get right – you can choose from patterned roman blinds, coastal style shutters or elegant linen curtains.

Furnishings is another of the key ways the Hamptons style can be achieved throughout. Key to selecting the right furnishings is channelling a high-end coastal aesthetic; think layers of texture – rattan, linen, canvas mixed with clean white.

Furnishings should be traditional but comfortable. Raw timber coffee tables, overstuffed linen sofas with luxurious cushions and beautifully shaped chair legs.

Living room hamptons blue and white comfy lounge
Image: Three Birds Renovations

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