The kitchen is the workhorse of the home, it’s become the most widely used room in any home and is the place where we congregate with loved ones, eat, entertain and cook. If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, it is important to keep it up to date with the latest trends without compromising on keeping a timeless aesthetic.

Kitchens are typically renovated between 10-15 years after they have been installed. We have all the tips on how to keep up-to-date on the latest design trends whilst still maintaining a timeless quality to your space.

5 Kitchen Design Trends We Love

1. Curves

Integrating curves into your space is one way to create a modern up-to-date kitchen. Beautiful architectural features can be created by adding curves onto benchtops, in fluting around benchtops and on entryways. Repetition of curves throughout your home helps to keep this look cohesive.

vaucluse northern beaches sydney kitchen luxury kitchen curves battens
Image: Suzanne Green
est-living-la-casa-rosa-luigi-rosselli-architects-marble rods stone curved curves bench european kitchen
Image: Luigi Rosselli
curved arched doorway unique handles brass white cabinetry
Image: Bed Threads

2. Stone Splashbacks

Using natural elements in kitchen design has become a very popular trend. Integrating stone is one way to achieve this. It’s a clean and luxurious way to achieve a high-end look and deliver longevity. Using the same stone on the benchtop as the splashback gives a feeling of space and continuity. Alternatively, consider incorporating stone into your flooring or as a statement rangehood façade.

curved bench black tap kitchen stone splashback marble timber joinery
Image: Dwell
est living stone kitchen marble super white dolomite callacatta callacutta stone
Image: Georgina Jefferies
home beatufiul hamptons kitchen shaker cabinets domo pendants
Image: Bella Vie Interiors

3. Feature Rangehoods

One new trend emerging is highlighting appliances within the kitchen rather than hiding them away. One example of this is the use of feature rangehood. There are some stunning sculptural ways a rangehood can enhance a kitchen, with some designers incorporating stone or other materials to clad them. Choices can include:

  • stone
  • tiles
  • vj board

est-living-stanley-house-gsid-timber kitchen modern coastal bar stools
Image: Est Living
timber kitchen feature range hood round handles modern melbourne luke fry architectural kitchen
Image: Luke Fry
timber kitchen minimal modern bar stools danish style architectural kitchen studio esteta
Image: Studio Esteta
minimal kitchen falmec feature stone kitchen barwon heads adam kane
Image: Adam Kane

4. Timber Cabinetry

Along with the trend for using stone another trend that is becoming more prominent is the use of timber in cabinetry. Designers are leaning into a more grounded aesthetic, incorporating timber joinery either in its natural form or painted.

The natural grain of the timber is popular and can often be seen mirroring stone in benchtops or splashbacks. Adding details to cabinetry doors to create a unique look too. Timber doors can be heavy and prohibitively expensive, so you can look to use a timber vener or a woodmatt laminate, which can still look incredibly beautiful.

painted oak cabintery nordic stone kitchen modern kitchen
Image: The Design Chaser
duck egg cabinetry timber polytec nordic kitchen bella vie kitchen double oven modern kitchen
Image: Bella Vie Interiors
belgian-apartment-interiors-minimal-carmine-van-der-linden-thomas green cabinetry timber joinery
Image: Dezeen

5. Open Shelving

Drawing on the popular Modern Farmhouse design style, many kitchens are now incorporating open shelving. Open shelving allows your kitchen to feature parts of your personality. It is a place to highlight décor items or store recipe books. It gives your space a feeling of warmth and gives you an opportunity to personalise your space where you otherwise wouldn’t.

birghton home marble timber battens gold handles open shelving
Image: First Avenue Homes
Bella Vie Interiors White Kitchen open shelving hamptons kitchen queenslander
Image: Bella Vie Interiors
Studio Ezra Timber Kitchen Open Shelving Modern Scandi Nordic
Image: Studio Ezra

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