Here are our expert tips for updating your interior design style for 2022.

Interior design style trends are always changing. Whether it’s the rise of biophilic design. The modern industrial style bursting onto the scene. Or simply a natural style evolution.

Of course, most people tend to have a design style that they favour. If you’ve always loved the clean warmth of the Hamptons style you are unlikely to suddenly crave a minimalist look. (Although stranger things have happened!)

Defining your personal style has always been important (read: Defining Your Style). But renovations are increasing across southeast Queensland. So it’s more important than ever to get your design style right, and to get it right for the right now.

As interior designers we’re here to help, We’ve pulled together our tips on how to update the most popular styles. And to ensure you have a fantastic interior design style for 2022.

Updating Your Interior Design Style for 2022


The Hamptons style is characterised by its bright, cook, breezy vibe. An American take on the French interior design styles of Baroque, Rococo and Empire, the traditional Hamptons style infuses a relaxing coastal atmosphere into the home. This includes a white colour scheme and a luxe feel. It also includes generous proportions of reclining sofas and island benches for gathering and entertaining. People who love this style crave natural light and a feeling of cool, coastal vibes in their home.


This style is inspired by the architecture and interior design of holiday homes in upscale seaside communities along the eastern beaches of upstate New York.

Colours and Furniture

The traditional Hamptons interior design style focused on the limited colour palette of white, blue, timber and neutral tones. Texture was used as a highlight, as well as stripes and two-tone florals. Furniture was a mix of antiques and classic pieces (never trendy). And wicker furniture and woven baskets accompanied the statement pieces.

The Hamptons Style in 2022

The traditional Hamptons style has evolved and we’ll see this continue in interior design style for 2022. The colour palette is changing, becoming softer and less obvious. It’s moved away from the traditional blue and white scheme and utilises a much wider range. Expect to see chocolate brown tones, teal shades, creamy beiges and warm pops of gold and bronze. They work together with less contrast as well, creating a calm and serene feel.

Texture is still important But now there’s a bigger focus on masculine finishes, such as warm, shimmery metals and aged brass. This is offset by bold geometrics, which give a jolt of structure and formality. Arranged in the same space as soft furnishings these masculine elements give the new Hamptons style a more layered aesthetic.

Hamptons Style Gallery

updating your interior design style for 2022
Source: Thomas Melhorn
hamptons house black shaker cabinets studio mcgee for updating your interior design style for 2022
Image: Studio McGee
Bella Vie Modern Hamptons Kitchen
Image: Bella Vie Interiors Red Hill House
Kelsey Leigh Design Co
Source: Kelsey Leigh Design Co
Image: TBD Design Studio


The industrial style is all about showcasing building materials that would normally be concealed. It’s a no-fuss, no-frills décor featuring stripped-down architectural elements, such as bricks, metals and wood. These elements create a beautiful, raw, unfinished look within meticulously-designed homes. The industrial style is a growing trend among people who are into functionality as much as aesthetics.


This style is said to have originated in Lower Manhattan when artists and creatives rented abandoned industrial spaces as studios and turned them into their homes. They treated their space as a blank canvas. And created open plan lofts with high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows while maintaining the industrial bones of the structure.

Colours and Furniture

The industrial interior design style features neutral tones, utilitarian objects. And wood and metal surfaces, such as stainless-steel benchtops, metal light fixtures and streamlined, vintage furniture are also highly sought. Because the industrial style favours functionality, furnishings are simple, fuss-free but with a focus on solid comfort and natural textures.

The Industrial Style in 2022

As people embrace a fuss-free lifestyle, the industrial interior design style is actually rising in popularity for 2022. The mix of modern and traditional pieces, and the focus on functionality, lets people keep the things they love. But they are still able to innovate with the things that help them live an easy life. 

This is more and more important as interiors have to work for multiple purposes—live, work and play. There is one change, however. The industrial style trend is becoming more associated with luxurious, spacious spaces that embrace elegance and the highest design standards.

Industrial Style Gallery

Moor house industrial kitchen Clare cousins1
Design Consultation | Project Brief | Bella Vie Interiors
Image: Est Living
Image: Est Living


The next interior design style for 2022 is contemporary. The contemporary interior design style is a timeless classic that is all about being in the moment. It embraces good planning in terms of use of space and your lifestyle needs. And it mixes that with bold décor and neutral colours. 

The contemporary style stands out as having a masculine feel that isn’t cold. But it doesn’t showcase the obvious warmth of other interior design styles. Instead it comes across as calming and serene. And portrays a focus on architecture, simplicity, clean lines, playful textures and subtle drama.


The contemporary style dates back to the 1970s. But what makes it truly unique is the way it pulls inspiration and elements from modern, traditional, art deco and even futuristic interior design styles.

Colours and Furniture

The main colours of contemporary style homes are neutrals, black and white. However, the neutral palette is often paired with bright, bold colours to create striking contrasts. Strong visible lines are used and are clearly noticeable in any contemporary-styled home. And empty spaces are a strong design feature, embracing the ‘less is more’ ideal.

Furniture pieces are bold, but simple and uncluttered. They feature straight, smooth, clean, geometric shapes and showcase upholstery in neutral tones and natural fibres. You can expect to see wool, cotton, linen, silk or jute in the contemporary home.

The Contemporary Style in 2022

Of all the interior design styles, contemporary is one of those that evolves the most. (In fact, it evolves constantly.) Therefore, with the contemporary interior design style of 2022 you can expect to see old favourites set against modern lines for bold, highly-appealing contrasts.

Beloved classics are coming back. This includes rounded furniture, an heirloom from the modern era. Not just limited to C-shape sofas, the new contemporary furniture includes soft-edged tables and curved back chairs. The softened forms bring a new splash of lightness and warmth into contemporary interior design interiors for 2022.

Contemporary Style Gallery

Image: Est Living
full of grace kitchen
Image: Est Living
Jardan gus bar stool
Jardan lenny chair

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