As interior designers we’ve seen both the best and worst in bedroom interior design. Here are our best tips to elevate the vibe of your bedroom.
Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It should be a calming and comforting haven you can retreat to after a long day at work or a busy day ferrying the kids around. No matter what the outside world may have thrown at you during the daylight hours, your master suite is the place you can always come back to, to find solace, unwind and recharge for the week ahead. However, a truly great master suite doesn’t just happen. It takes forethought, careful planning and consideration to ensure that all of the bedroom interior design essentials are covered. And there are a few luxe flourishes to take your space to the next level.

7 Expert Tips for a Luxurious Bedroom Interior Design

As expert interior designers we have seen the best and the worst in bedroom interior design. But we’ve also been able to pull together our best tips to take your bedroom from lacklustre to luxurious.


Tip 1: Choose a style – and stick with it

While we all love to keep up with current trends, when it comes to bedroom interior design, a classic theme is often the most enduring and elegant. Choosing a style involves embracing an elevated version of who you are and how you want to see that represented in your home.

Browse interior inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram, check out interior designers’ past projects and flick through home and architecture magazines. My book, A Beautiful Life, can also help you step through your bedroom and determine the design style that’s best for you.

Once you’ve checked everything out, consider what suits your personal taste, as well as the rest of your house so your bedroom will tie in seamlessly with the overarching interior theme. Create a mood board of bedrooms and styles you love, as well as colour palettes and furniture items to keep as a handy reference throughout the project.

Tip 2: Consider custom joinery

Custom joinery can allow for optimal functionality in your master suite, as well as give it that unique factor that will truly set your home apart. Consider a built-in timber bedhead and bedside tables, or a stylish walk-in wardrobe with shelving, display and storage options. Take a peek at our guide to Creating a Luxury Master Suite for some great tips on adaptable wardrobe storage.

Tip 3: Dress up the walls

While the furniture arrangement in a bedroom is usually fairly simple, your walls will present an opportunity to bring some personality into the space. Consider a unique headboard or feature panelling, or hang some artworks as a point of interest. A master suite’s paint colour scheme will usually evoke a serene atmosphere, and window treatments and designer lighting (hello, dimmers!) can also add to the ambience of the room.


Tip 4: Invest in flooring

Our fourth bedroom interior design tip is to consider your flooring. While your bedroom flooring should flow with the rest of your home, you can also add an element of luxury with thick carpet or a premium rug under the bed. Not only will this appease bare feet in the winter months but it will also help absorb sound – particularly important for those living in units or one of our beautiful wooden Queenslander homes.

Tip 5: Plan Your Layout

Consider how you plan to use your bedroom and which pieces of furniture will be required. For some a cosy reading nook will be vital. For others a spacious dressing area will be necessary. And still others may be after a cutting-edge TV and sound bar, with a daybed to enjoy the mini home theatre.

Clever use of mirrors and window treatments can transform one’s perception of the size of the room, while functional yet beautiful storage is another clever way to make the best use of the space available.

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Tip 6: Add an Ensuite

If you have space in your master suite to incorporate an ensuite, this will add some next-level luxury and have you feeling like you’re living in a hotel. Our Brisbane interior design team have amazing expertise to make the most of a small space when it comes to ensuites. Sliding doors, large mirrors and clever storage can all play a huge role in the finished product.

Take a peek at our reveal of the Shades of Grey Master Suite Addition to 60s House for some fantastic ensuite inspiration.

Tip 7: Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Most of us wouldn’t build a new bathroom without the expert advice of a plumber. But so many homemakers fail to ask for advice when it comes to bedroom interior design. When curating your new master suite, don’t be afraid to reach out to the experts for guidance and creative input.

As expert interior designers we have the knowledge and expertise to understand how your bedroom will flow and function best. Sometimes that means moving a wall or even rejigging the floorplan. We can also take into account vital local factors such as fire safety, sound transmission, accessibility and local building codes.

So reach out to our experts if you’d like to hear our team’s expert ideas to take your bedroom from lacklustre to luxurious.

If you enjoyed learning about bedroom interior design, browse our blog and portfolio for more great ideas and style advice. If you’re keen to create your own bedroom sanctuary, get in touch today to chat about how we can bring your interior dreams to life.

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