The Back Story

The owners moved into this partially renovated 60’s house in 2014 and quickly set about having plans drawn up to add a master suite to the home’s existing three-bedrooms. With a builder engaged and facing the daunting prospect of making the finishes selections, they sought professional guidance and called in Interior Designers, Bella Vie Interiors.

Typical of many Canberra ex-government houses, with one main living area and one bathroom, this professional couple with two growing girls needed some breakout spaces for themselves.

The key challenge was creating a feel of luxury on a limited budget. This challenge was overcome by careful selections of fixtures; clever selection of finishes and by incorporating some of the clients existing furniture and décor into the project.

The owner loves the contrast of classic dark and light but wanted the house to have a casual relaxed atmosphere. The new interior had to suit her desire for a lighter, fresher spaces and her husband’s desire for darker, more moody spaces. The result is a monochromatic palette with shades of grey from white through to black and a pop of colour in the living room.

The Key Elements

The starting point for the project was the selection of the graphic ensuite floor tile that provides a strong focal point as you enter the master suite. This same design is featured in the living room floor rug in a softer grey more suited to the casual feel of the room. Aside from the drama of the floor tile, the ensuite is light and bright with all white finishes and chrome fixtures.

The master retreat is a personal space for the owner and includes simple white custom joinery, a classic studded chair and a feature glass pendant. Soft grey walls create a transition from bright white ensuite to the dark, moody bedroom behind the double white doors. Charcoal walls are contrasted with white trims and plantation shutters.

A custom design walk-in robe adjoins the bedroom. Like the rest of the joinery designed, this space is tailored specifically to suit the client’s requirements for everything to have a place.

Refreshing Existing Spaces

Along with the interior design of the master suite, Bella Vie Interiors was engaged to add the finishing touches required to ensure the adjoining spaces flowed into the new extension.

The living room inspiration was an existing underwater photograph featured in the room. The colours within this were used in the accessories throughout the room to bring a relaxed feel to this living space. Dark sheer curtains were installed to create a soft casual ambience.

The final inclusion was a space for the man of the house; a study with charcoal walls and dark, custom joinery.

The Results

​Getting the detail right in any renovation can be challenging, but achieving the desired outcome when you want the new space to perform differently to the existing home, magnifies the challenges.

In this case the addition of a more formal Master Suite contrasted the relaxed, casual ambience of the existing home. Bella Vie Interiors was able to delineate the styles and deliver interior spaces that met the needs of the client and achieved the desired aesthetic.

The Reveal ...

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Credits: Images by Nathan Lanham Photography; Window Treatments by Chadwick Designs; Builder – David Howell Constructions

Our Client's Feedback

Lisa's experience and extensive industry contacts proved invaluable for updating our home and new extension.

Her keen eye for detail and immediate understanding of our brief, budget and lifestyle made the design process immensely rewarding and far less overwhelming.

The combination of Lisa's approachable nature, professional & industry experience seamlessly achieved the high-quality look we were trying to achieve.

Belle Vie Interiors was an absolute pleasure to work with and highly recommend them for your next interior design project.
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Sarah M.

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