Virtual Interior Design
Procurement & Installation Guide

Once you’ve received your virtual design package deliverables, it’s time to incorporate the look into your room. While there’s no fixed order for procurement and installation, this guide will help you to get started:


Review your package deliverables to get a good understanding of all the elements in the space.


Estimate your overall budget. Remember to include delivery costs.


If you have requested custom / built-in joinery, arrange with your preferred cabinetmaker to provide a quote to supply and install joinery based on our drawings and specifications.


If you are installing new window coverings, arrange with your preferred supplier to provide a quote to supply and install your final selections.


If you’ve purchased an Essentials Package, start sourcing items that suit our inspiration images. Remember to look for items that are the right size and in fabrics that suit your lifestyle.

Do not purchase any items until you have made all your selections to ensure they wall work together and suit your budget requirements.

The Luxury Package includes details of all selections on the FF&E schedule.


Purchase furniture, furnishings and lighting online or in local stores.

  • Remember you may need to allow for the longer lead times of some items.
  • Ensure all the details of custom items are correct before placing orders.
  • You or someone else, will need to be available to meet deliveries.
  • Check all items as soon as they arrive for damages or defects and let the supplier know

Note: Bella Vie Interiors can be engaged to order furniture and furnishings on your behalf. This additional work will be charged at our hourly rate. Get in touch with us at for further information or have a look through our Interior
Design Services.


Once everything arrives, it’s time for installation.


Arrange for an electrician to make any necessary lighting and/or electrical changes.


Undertake the painting or wallpapering of your room, or hire a professional to do it for you.


Use your floor plan as a guide to position items in the correct place. This includes any custom /
built-in joinery or existing pieces included in the space.


Source and purchase décor to add the finishing touch to your room. Need help with this? Bella Vie Interiors can be engaged to help you find the décor objects that add another layer to your interiors. Purchase Styling Direction or get in touch with us at for further information.


Hooray! Once everything is in place, it’s time to send us a few photos and then sit back, relax
and enjoy your new space.

Thank You

Thank you for engaging Bella Vie Interiors to help you with creating your beautiful home.

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